Chump Car Build Continued

May 11 2012 porschedoc BMW No Comments

Spent the last couple of evenings working late on the chump car. Making good progress!

Pulled the dash out to remove the HVAC junk out, and allow for us to start mocking the cage into place.

Next we will build a firewall blockoff plate.

Removal of the steering lock is pretty easy, drill a hole in the bottom of the ignition assembly and pull out the spring.

Then we rounded up a ton of stickers we had laying around and pasted the car. Trying to make it look worse….not sure if we accomplished that! Also picked up a set of 15″ wheels so we can run the same tires that we did on the 944. We will sell the 17″ wheels that came on the car.

Since the cooling system is the weak link in the BMW, I pulled the waterpump and installed a waterpump with a metal impeller. The OEM pump has a composite impeller, and for the track, we are better off with something that won’t come apart after a lot of stress. This also allows me to get all the coolant out of the motor and add straight water

Then I cut out the front door panels to make room for the roll cage door bars. They will extend out into the door, making exit/entry to the car easier.

Then I needed to tackle a bunch of the wiring that was hacked up, so that is the fun project currently. I want to get all the cut connections traced back and removed, then I will button the wiring back up in place.

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