Cayman Track Build Part 2

Been tinkering here and there on the car as parts have been showing up. I haven’t been taking many pictures, but you get the idea 😉

First thing to do was to finish draining the front radiators. Since I had done the waterpump in the previous post, I just needed to get the front radiators empty so I can install the center radiator kit for additional cooling.

The 987/997 front radiators are a much better design from an install point than the 996/986 system was. The ports for the hoses are plug and play, no rerouting or replacing hoses, no adapting to a different sized coolant pipe, etc. Just pop the old block off plates off, and click on the 2 new hoses.

Here you can see the new driver side hose in place with the center radiator mounted.

And everything completed. They didn’t send me the grill piece for the bumper to keep the ducting in place, so more waiting. The bumper will also need to have holes cut in the bottom of it so the air going to the center radiator has a place to exit. The holes are pre marked on the backside of the bumpers.

For a track car, we need to prevent oil starvation under hard cornering as best we can. One of the simple solutions is to add a 2qt deep sump with better windage tray to keep the oil around the oil pickup for the engine.

The old oil plate off and plastic windage tray.

Here we have added an oil pickup tube spacer to drop the pickup down further into the pan as we will be adding a deep sump spacer.

And the new pan with spacer being assembled. I have the bolts inserted backwards here just to help line everything up.

After that, it installs in place just like the stock pan. It does have a lower clearance to the ground though, so it is important to keep that in mind.

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