Cayman Clutch Replacement

The NASA event at the KS speedway claimed a clutch in this cayman 🙂 These clutches are pretty frail in general, then a little extra added excitement when shifting and pow they fail!

The clutch failed in a way that it blew apart the slave cylinder and jammed things up a bit. Since we were in there, I decided to change out the gear oil as well to make sure we didn’t have any metal in the transmission. All was good.

After a little work, poof, out comes the clutch disc… pieces. All the pieces jammed up the pressure plate, causing all sorts of a mess.

The slave blew apart and coated everything in a nice film of brake fluid 🙂 Hard to tell if we have a leaking IMS seal here or not.

And the new clutch installed. And reassembly is reverse of disassembly 🙂

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