Cayenne Week

Last week was Cayenne central around here. Never fails that I tell a customer that we don’t see a lot of Cayennes in for service because they just don’t break…..then I have 5 Cayennes show up in one week, lol!

Most of them were routine service, but this one had a bad oil leak that turned out to be the valve covers leaking. We’ll start seeing a lot of these soon as the gaskets were so rock hard it was no wonder they were leaking! Customer just bought this Twin Turbo, and for 95k miles, it is in really good shape! Not a bad $12k car!

Passenger side was the worst

Poof! Good time to inspect wear on the cams and such.

And new (i think) gasket in place.

You do need to drei bond a couple of the areas where there are seams.

After that was done, I had to repair the rear hatch gate not staying up. Takes both the window glass strut, and the hatch strut to be effective.

I think if i make a special tool, I can figure out how to do this though the rear opening without pulling the interior panel off…..I always hate pulling on interior panels when you don’t have to, especially as the plastic backings will start getting brittle with age as these get older…..

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