Carrera GTS Service Rennsport Kansas City

Thought you guys might enjoy seeing this GTS that came into the shop today. It is pretty cool the range of models we have coming through the door, especially when they are the lesser seen models. Getting ready for a track day at HPT.

Service was due, so went through that fairly quickly, but concentrated on the oil change and brake fluid flush specifically for the HPDE event. It is very important to have fresh brake fluid in the system, as brake fluid is hydroscopic and will collect condensation in the fluid. This water will lower the effective boiling point of the brake fluid, resulting in a mushy pedal when hot. Not a good combination on the track.

I can just envision headers and center muffler delete…….

Updated 997.2 engine bay 🙂

Out comes the old oil and brake fluid, and in go the new fluids 🙂

Oil filter design has finally been changed to a different filter after about 10 years of using the same filter. Similar design, just fatter.

And the oil neck has finally been improved. The previous tube designs of the 996/997 were flimsy and all will eventually break at the bellows over time. The new style is a non flexible style, with a pull out fill port.

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