Carrera GTS Gets New Tires RennsportKC

Had this little GTS come into the shop this week for a new set of tires. Pretty straight forward, but the centerlocks require a little more attention than standard lugs do.

The GTS is a sweet ride!

The centerlocks are torqued to a very high spec, so out comes the 4 foot torque wrench.

And after a little work, we had new tires on the rims and everything balanced out.

Going back together is a little tricky after torquing the wheels. It is critical that the locks are fully in place before putting on the center caps. The center lock mechanism is spring loaded and should seat all the way out when you remove the tool. This is what a non-fully locked hub looks like. In this position, the centerlocking hub is not locked and could come loose, especially under track conditions.

And with a little patience, you can work these out into the fully locked position….it just takes a little wiggling 🙂

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