Car 54 Takes 2nd Place GP2 @ WRL MAM

A few weeks ago we headed up to MAM to run a 15 hour endurance race with the World Racing League. We had a great time with them! A few minor hiccups with some weather, a sick driver, and a offroad excursion that broke our ground wire to the lights, but we brought 2nd home in the GP2 class. Not one of our better showings as we usually win races in the pits, but that is how it goes some times! We raced 15 hours on saturday, finishing the race at 11pm, had to get checked in impound, then loaded, attended the awards ceremony, and headed south! We were home in our own beds by 3am Sunday morning! In a few weeks I’ll start prepping the car for the 12 hour WRL race at High Plains in Denver on September 13th.

A little worn out at about Midnight, but from Left to Right: What a great team!
Erik Peterson, Mike Lyle, Mike Armentrout, Myself, and Al Hess.

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Russ Dickey

September 2, 2014 at 8:26 AM

Awesome job!

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