Busy Friday

We jammed out some work today. Brian got most of the 951 back together, I just need to button up the intake an associated plumbing on that this weekend. I went after a few other cars that had rolled in today, while Wes tackled the 914 now that we have the tank back.

Started the morning with a 996: I hop from car to car as things are setting, draining, etc, which allows me to work on something instead of watching fluids drain 😉

Up first was an oil change. Notice the LN engineering magnetic drain plug, deep sump plate, and remote filter.

Then it was time to pull the front bumper off.

Which allowed me access to clean the debris from the radiator/condensors.

Because we are going to install some cargraphic front grills. It has been awhile since I have installed some cargraphic stuff, but I cringed when I saw the tube of black goo. Everything they do is glued with this stuff it seems, lol. Not easy stuff to work with.

So I chose to go with the zip tie route.

While the front bumper was off, it was time to flush the coolant system. Drained all three radiators up front.

While it looks somewhat green with the flash, it was pretty brown.

And draining the block.

Then it was time to bleed the brakes. Got rid of most of the super blue that was in the system, and put in super gold, which is the same stuff, only it won’t stain the reservoir blue over time. I typically only use blue on track cars that are flushing every other event.

And the grills installed and front bumper on. Still have a few things to knock out on the car this weekend. Stay tuned.

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