Busy Friday Part II:

Few things piled up this morning 😉

While coolant was draining, I hopped over to the 996TT that was throwing misfire codes at the track last weekend. I haven’t seen this car in awhile, I installed the 650hp IIRC kit on it at Imagine Auto. My paint marks were still on the coil packs 😉 Since all the lifts were tied up, out come the jack stands.

Rear bumper off to access the intercoolers.

And intercoolers out of the way to access the coil packs/spark plugs.

No wonder we had some misfire codes. Pretty worn plugs.

Then on to the passenger side where I tackled an oil leak as well (keeping fingers crossed). The bad part is, you can’t check the leak until you have reassembled the car, lol.

After that, it was on to a big brake kit on Fred’s 996TT. This hasn’t been an easy process, lol. But……we are getting closer.

Mmmmmm big GT3 calipers and GT2 brakes.

Front itty bitty brakes. They are out of here!

And one of the rears done with new GT2 pads and stainless steel lines.

Meanwhile…..in a deep corner of the shop….Wes is making sweet noises with a 914…..Remember our dirty rusted out tank? Well it came back nice and shiny and coated inside. Wes got the new pump installed along with new lines and a filter.

And the tank going back in. More this weekend…..

Since we had been there since 7am, and it was about 8pm, it was time to take a break for a few hours. Val stopped by with some Halloween decorations for the shop, including Boo.

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