Boxster 120k Service

Have this Boxster in this week for a 120k service, but these higher mileage services always seem to turn into a more extensive repair than expected.

Probably not included in the dealer 120k service list, but at the major services every 60k, I like to drop the sump plate and inspect what is going on. This not only gives me a good idea of if the oil change intervals are where we want them (by the amount of staining/sludge in the sump….or should be lack of it 😉 ), but also lets me check for fine debris that does not drain with a standard oil change. Since I have already read down the camshaft deviations, I know we have some issues due to the readings, and my suspicion of chain tensioner pads starting to come apart is true as you can see a half dozen specs of plastic material. Other than that, the sump was unremarkable, and happy with the oil change intervals of 5k miles/6 months.

Then the rest of the inspection after your filters and fluids, we have two torn axle boots which have been replaced before by the looks of it. Not much grease left in the axles at this point, so with 120k on them, we will replace the entire assemblies.

The car had a pretty horrible growl to it in the right rear, so I knew we also had a wheel bearing going out. Interesting that it has been driven like this long enough to cause extra wear and that side with the brake pads. The other side had more than twice the material left on the pads. I verified the caliper was not hanging up, so a new bearing and brakes for the rear. Not sure why, but it always seems like the passenger side bearings go first in the M96 based models. Have no idea why.

And leaking spark plug tubes. New plugs and o rings and that will be taken care of.

Plugs were definitely ready for replacement.

And replacing the offending bearing. Pretty standard stuff really with no surprises found, but it goes to show that the higher mileage cars are getting pretty expensive to maintain. With cam pad’s needing to be done, and we should do the IMS bearing/clutch as well, one has to really enjoy the car at this point. And many do, they are great cars when the required maintenance items are up to par!

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