BMW E36 Chump Car Continues

Jun 11 2012 porschedoc BMW No Comments

This last weekend we hauled the car up to MAM for the BMW HPDE so we could get some seat time and check the car out in regards to reliability and what we had. Everything went smoothly, so we should be good to race in two weeks in Colorado.

We did have a wiring issue with the gauge cluster cutting in and out, which I think I isolated to a bad ground wire. Today I ran a new ground, and hopefully that will solve the issue. I also pulled out another 20lbs of wiring or so, lol.

Cleaned up the rear wiring. We still have an intermittent left brake light, so we may bypass the OEM light cluster which are problematic and run some aftermarket lights.

And ran new cable for the kill switch, along with relocating the battery to the passenger floor. Tomorrow I will shorten the one power wire to the kill switch so it looks a bit better. In the middle of the wiring removal, I wanted to get power back to the car so I could test wires as I pulled them.

This week we will finish the front part of the cage.

I had a real hard time hearing the engine with the wind and other cars on the track, so the rusted muffler needs to go. I think with the OEM cats, this will provide the perfect note that isn’t too loud.

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