BMW 5 series waterpump replacement

Had this BMW come in with a bunch of warning lights and an overheating issue. BMW’s have always been known for their poor cooling systems, but even after going to an electric cooling pump, they still have issues!

Pulling out the old thermostat and behind it the waterpump. You always want to replace these together.

And the old pump out of the car. The hoses are a real bear to get the hoses off with the positioning of the clamps. They must have installed the subframe after putting the waterpump in!

And the new waterpump/thermostat/bolts. The bolts must be replaced because they are actually aluminum and do not hold up to install/removal like a steel bolt does. Going back together is the reverse, and the bleeding procedure on these cars is really neat. You turn on power to the car, but don’t start it. A special sequence starts the bleed procedure in which the car takes over and runs the pump through cycles for about 10 minutes bleeding the car by itself. Nothing for the tech to do but sit there and drink his Mt Dew.

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