BMW 330ci Clutch and CCV Install

Dec 05 2014 porschedoc BMW 2 Comments

Had this little 330ci in the shop a few weeks ago for a new clutch, factory short shift install, and replacing the high mileage crankcase vent valve system.

There was quite the oil leak coming from the rear main among other areas, so hopefully we can slow a few of these down!

Exhaust removed, and getting the transmission ready to remove. I still thing the BMW bellhousing bolts are some of the hardest to get to due to the lack of space!

And the tranny removed and old clutch ready to come off.

And getting the near rear main seal, pilot bearing, clutch, etc installed. Pretty straight forward really.

After getting all that stuff done, I finished changing the oil, diff fluid, P/S fluid etc as requested and started on the CCV system. All of this is stuck up under the intake manifold and a bit of a bear to get to so I didn’t take a lot of pictures. There are 4 lines that should be replaced while in there, we used the cold weather kit which comes with insulated hoses and CCV. Most of the old hoses will break when coming out as they are pretty brittle with age, but getting the new ones in takes a bit of patience as there isn’t a lot of clearance to run things.

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December 5, 2014 at 6:10 PM

Car looks in amazing condition! Are those snow tires? Pretty aggressive sipes.


    December 6, 2014 at 5:52 PM

    Yup, it is in really nice shape! Well taken care of by the owner. I think it has a set of blizzaks on it for the winter 🙂

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