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Todd and I both bought a HUGE upgrade for our LS1 944’s this year. The cars are stupid fast on the race track, and in certain areas of the track, also a bit scary due to the lightweight and high speeds. We decided to tackle that this spring and see what it would do. We called up Kyle and Cody of Brooks Motorsports and had them work their magic. Their stuff runs on the NASA TT3 national champs car, so they know what they are doing.

A big long box finally showed up after a few months of waiting. It was worth it 🙂

I think you’re doing it wrong…..

Ahhhh….there we go.

While it looks super wide (well it is), the wing is exactly as wide as the rear fenders.

Two great looking vehicles!

Ready for the track. After running at MAM and HPT, the down force the wing creates is exactly what the car needed. It is incredibly planted where it needs to be, and was definitely worth seconds a lap. The car is finally sorted. The brakes are working great, the wing and front splitter are working even better. Big thanks and shout out to Brooks Motorsports for coming through on this. A very nice product!

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