Back to work

After finishing up our last track event of the year, it is back to work full blast.

We were on thin ice with a wheel bearing this last weekend in the Yokahama car, so I decided to get that knocked out before we put it away for the winter.

After isolating the side, it was off to work.

Removing the rear bearings takes an expensive special tool, and in this case due to the long studs, I had to pull a few of them for the tool to work.

Outer hub off, the bearing is next.

And pulling the bearing out.

With a clean bore, a new bearing goes in this afternoon.

While I was do that, Wes was busy doing an emergency fan repair and coolant flush on Fred……

And Brian was nice enough to come by and help us start going through the Sunoco car’s engine.

Here he has the head off. The head gasket was blown out at #4. This motor will get a new water pump, oil cooler seals, and head gasket along with new valve seals, guides, etc. Just in time to put it away for the winter. This motor obviously hasn’t been touched since about 1984, but the bores look great, so it should be a good motor for this track car.

This morning when I got in, I started on the 996 Supercharged car for a new set of mufflers, oil change, and rear view mirror repair. The mufflers were rusted through, and the rear view mirror was yanked apart after it fell off the windshield, so some simple rewiring was needed.

Old mufflers coming off. This can had completely fallen apart and the internals rusted out.

New Fabspeed cans ready to go on 😀

Mmmmmm pretty. The old exhaust clamps for the tips were rusted solid, so I have new clamps on the way, then I can get the tips on.

And then it was on to some mirror rewiring, lol.

Some splicing and soldering, and we had a working mirror again!

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