Yesterday Wes tackled a quick job by installing an alternator in this Celica. Another daily driver done. No problem is too big or small for RennsportKC 🙂

Finished up the C4 today by installing new CV axle boots on both rear axles. A quick rebuild of the joints and some fresh grease, and this puppy is ready for the DE this weekend. Hanging the axles, ready to come out. Outer nut takes over 350ft/lbs of torque. And the assembly on my makeshift cardboard bench. And new axle boots installed on the first axle. Repeat on the 2nd and we were done.

DE Prep 964 C4

This week we will tackle getting the Yokohama car ready for the upcoming HPDE. We have some leaking valve cover gaskets that we need to tackle, bleed the brakes, change out some torn axle boots, and it should be good for the weekend. Here you can see the oil has been dripping down onto the headers and burning off. Without the OEM heatshields/heat exchangers in place, we will likely have to do more valve cover gasket work annually as they …

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This highly modified GTR is owned by a friend of mine who has been having trouble keeping it running through the weekend at the track. Anytime you push a car to it’s limits in regards to power, reliability suffers if not properly maintained. We started a new program with this car to inspect after every track weekend, identify any obvious weaknesses and correct them. Hopefully this will help to ensure the car runs smoothly at the events. This car was …

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Yup, we dabble in Mercedes work as well 😉 This one came through for a quick oil change and inspection going into the winter months. Pretty straight forward with no surprises. Some fresh mobil 1 and filter, a top off of all the fluids, and we sent this one on it’s way.

356 Work

Oct 07 2011 porschedoc 356 No Comments

When we took over the new space, it seems an unfinished car came with the place which belongs to a local PCA member. We started looking around and scrounging up parts here and there that were laying around for it and decided to start putting it back together so he can have his car back! We put the front and rear windows in a few days ago using the string method, pretty standard really….. Wes setting the rear window into …

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Shop Updates

Shop is coming along. We have been cleaning (a lot of cleaning), painting, and trying to knock some work out at the same time. Val has been busy painting walls and floors. We got half of the upstairs floor painted to cover up years of clutch dust, etc, LOL. Then she painted some unpainted walls….. And got some really dirty walls painted…… Meanwhile, my buddy Tim from Learntech Inc. has been by setting up our computers and interwebs. He got …

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74 914 Fuel System

Oct 07 2011 porschedoc 914 3 Comments

Behind on posting already! We finally got our internet running at the shop (more on that later), so hopefully that will leave me more time to update the blog as it will be more convenient during the day. Wes and I picked up this 74 914 from a local hanger to do some troubleshooting. Another shop had gone through the fuel system after the car kept dying, but didn’t solve the issue. We picked up the car and hauled it …

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Sunday Shop Work

Today we headed over and wanted to tackle a big project at the shop. I found out earlier this week, that the raised asphalt slab inside the shop made it a little hard to get low cars into the shop due to clearance. So it had to go. Since it was just formed on top of the smooth concrete floor, it looked like it would peel up fairly easy…..well that part was true, it really wasn’t molded to the floor …

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Had one left over car in the shop that I need to take care of.  A common issue with the 993’s is that if you put the seat in the rear most position, often times it gets stuck there and will no longer slide forward.  If you know this, usually repeated tapping of the switch or giving it a bit of a nudge from the back of the seat will jar it loose and it will slide freely.  Someone started …

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