Audi RS6 Stasis Suspension Rebuild

I installed this suspension at IA years ago. A nice Audi RS6 that saw the occasional track day, and wanted better handling. It is a nice suspension, but a couple years of daily driver duty, and the right side struts were leaking and clunking. Time for a rebuild.

Time that these come out for some re freshening.


The notorious upper bolt on the steering knuckle. This is one of the worst I have seen in a long time. It laughed at everything I threw at it. Heat, drill, etc. Notice one of the heads is broken off. The bolt snapped off internally. Then with enough force on the nut side, I snapped that side off too 🙂 At that point after wasting an hour trying to get the bolt out, I decided to cut our losses for what it would take to get the remainder of the bolt out, and I picked up a replacement knuckle instead.

It just wasn’t going to come out. So, the new knuckle showed up and it is on. The struts are out and off to stasis for a rebuild. Stay tuned!

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