Audi Quattro Track Car

I finally pulled this car out onto a lift today and did some work. Like anything, when you shove something back in a corner, you sort of forget it is there! I’ve had the idea planned out for the fuel cell for awhile now, I just needed to put it together.

We had decided on relative placement of the tank awhile back, so I started lining everything up. First hole is the hardest one to make. When you make that one wrong, you just cut a 2nd hole. After that it gets a whole lot easier! I made the rear of the tank adjustable in regards to height, so we could make sure we had the proper angle of flow towards the inlet/outlet of the fuel cell.

Next up will be running the lines from the fuel cell to the fuel pump and return line. We will pick up supplies for that this week and start running those asap! Then we need to tackle this dash/gauge layout.

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