Audi MMI Repair

Had an interesting project the other day come in on an Audi. Many of the audi’s now are using a multi media interface to control the radio/nav/etc. They place them down around the gear shift lever and also next to the cup holders. This MMI had a protein shake spilled into it, and after everything dried, a bunch of the buttons were no longer working.

Once you get it out of the car, it is pretty easy to disassemble down to the circuit board. Here you can see the little blue microswitches that the buttons make contact with. A few of them were pretty gooey with protein shake, so some electronics cleaner and the slight scraping/wiping around everything was worth a shot. A new MMI board from Audi is something like 1200 bucks, so this doesn’t hurt to try. After a bit of cleaning, I put everything back together (had a couple stubborn buttons so I had to do some extra cleaning after testing on a few), and we had a working MMI unit again!

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