Audi HPDE and a 911 Motor Drop

This past weekend was spent with good friends at Heartland Park in Topeka, KS at the Kansas City Audi Club HPDE. I had a couple of fantastic friends/students who made such giant leaps in skill it is hard to describe. It was a lot of fun watching them push the cars and themselves to new levels. The weather could have been a little warmer though, brrrrrrrrr, it isn’t suppose to be this cold in the middle of May! The low turn out of the event gave us way more track time than we really needed, and it was a very low pressure event.

Sunday afternoon I got home, put some things away, caught up on a few emails, and back out to the garage to drop a 911 motor for an RMS replacement. This 911 came in from out of town to get rid of some really nasty oil leaks.

As you can see we have a ton of oil coming down off the motor. We have oil thermostat seals leaking, breather plate gasket leaking, and a pretty nasty RMS leak. There appears to be a puddle of oil near the front driver’s cam line as well, though I can’t see any place where that might have come from as the line is nice and tight.

First thing I did was to soak the bottom side in some engine cleaner, then a little scrubbing, and a rinse with cleaner. That cleaned it up enough to at least keep it out of my hair while working under the car.

Topside coming apart.

I was a little shocked to find the line to the fuel rail only hand tight. Seriously, I used no wrenches to remove this line. That was a serious accident waiting to happen.

And starting to drop her out the bottom.

A little lower and we can raise the lift up.

And out on the table. Tomorrow I will get the transmission disconnected, and haul that to the errrrr wash bay and give it a good washing. Then we can start resealing this little piggy up.

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David Lessmann

May 16, 2011 at 9:26 AM

You are the only person I know who could spend 2 days out at the track and then have time to drop an engine Sunday afternoon!

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