All Your Porsches Are Mineeeeee

Arrrghhhh I am so behind on blogging! We have been swamped with trying to knock some big projects out, and with the holidays I have tried to not work quite as much from home, which cuts into my blogging time seriously. When I was working from the garage, if I left the camera in the garage, it was 10 steps to go get. Now when I get home and realize I left the camera at the shop, I have to wait a day to get my pictures for the blog posts! There is a lot to be said about working from home, I am finding that my efficiency levels were far higher.

I was wondering how long it would take her to find the padded upper deck overlooking the shop. Perfect spot for a shop supervisor to keep track of people and cars. She did immediately request that I fix the sloppy banner though, which I have since done!

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