A little CT70 Progress

When last I left you I had stripped the bike apart, and blasted the frame down to metal. The chrome was blasted and sent to the powdercoater, now it is reassembly time.

First thing to do was to install the Lifan 125cc engine so I had a good base for the frame to sit and not tip over.

Then get it up on a bench to work an ergonomic level 🙂 The new decals were installed and the main chassis wiring harness run.

Then I installed the new tree bearings. The old bearings were individual balls in a race that are a pain to deal with, so I upgraded to a standard roller bearing system.

And the satin black powder coated pieces go on. Now I am waiting for some piston slides to rebuild the front forks before they go back on. The wheels have all new brakes/seals/bearings installed, so once the front forks are on, I should be able to get this thing sitting on rubber.

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March 29, 2014 at 7:01 AM

Oh my, that looks awesome!

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