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Sorry, the blog hasn’t been updated in while. Last week I knocked out quite a few projects, but just didn’t have the time to get them up before heading out of town again. On Friday we headed up to Hastings for the Woodhouse of Omaha DE. As usual we had a blast. My student and the track owner George have been friends since college, so that was a lot of fun. Getting a detailed history of the track being built was a good tale. Our weekend included a ton of track time for the students on Saturday and Sunday. Friday night was a meet and greet, Saturday we were provided trackside lunch and steak dinner, along with another track tour from George. I see something new every time I am there. A few stops made around town completed the weekend. We met up with our friends Greg, Boris and Anker and had a great weekend.

#6 of 50 that year FR500CJ Cobra Jet Ford factory drag car. Amazingly loud and rowdy.

And of course we got to see lots of Porsches on track, it was odd not having to work on any of them….very relaxing weekend.

And there may have been a simulated race against a D class 911 with the Bacardi Bus. He had to go 2 laps, the bus had to go 1. Of course only was it simulated because I am sure insurance wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen. In the simulation though, the 911 lost.

Sunday afternoon I headed west to Wyoming for antelope and sage grouse. Somehow when I got here, I found myself painting and doing tile work. I keep getting told we will actually go hunting on Friday…….we’ll see……..

Progress on the shop keeps progressing at a slower than desired rate. Soon.

HastingsMPHPorscheWoodhouse DE

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September 14, 2011 at 5:56 PM

Gee, what’s missing in that paddock photo? couple of black 993’s & a 997 or two…


    September 15, 2011 at 10:06 AM

    Must be a black car thing……..pansy’s 🙂

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