A few odds and ends with no particular order or reason

Some oddball pictures I have taken over the last few weeks of things I thought were kind of neat.

Had this neat little 72 911 in the shop the other day for a quick oil change. In 1972 they took the oil sump reservoir from behind the rear wheel and put it in front of the rear wheel for better weight balance and handling as people were having trouble controlling the 911 with so much weight in the rear. By doing so, they put the oil filler port in the fender, which looked just like a gas fill port. After a lot of gas station attendants filled the oil with gasoline, Porsche switched the tank back to the original location in 1973, where it stayed until 1989 in the 911 C4 (964)

991 Sharkwerks center bypass muffler install. It was time to get rid of that stock muffler and replace it with a center bypass. The OE center muffler in the S has the valves that open at full throttle giving the car a louder note. The bypass kit will allow that note all the time, even at idle 🙂

Got old red picked up from the paintshop and she looks better than ever.

She had a bit of a bump in the race at the Kansas Speedway. That was one hell of an expensive first turn of the race.

And Honey Badger got some new Braid Wheels 🙂 Ready for some vintage rubber.

And an new fuel cell. We won’t talk about how old the bladder was.

And a distributor rebuild was thrown in the mix at some point.

And this poor little Cayman S. Motor went boom and was terribly catastrophic to the entire engine, so not sure what will be the fate of this car.

Some nasty cylinder wall scoring.

And some fun parts for Jagey. Starting losing alignment settings in the rear due to old bushings, so cleaned up a spare set of trailing arms and had them coated, new polybronze spring plate bushings and spherical trailing arm bushings. Unfortunately, I tossed a set of early spring plates in for the coater which don’t work, so when I get the other set back from the plater, I’ll throw this up in the car.

While picking up the red car at paint, my painter had a friend’s Pre A speedster in the shop. Cleaning up a few small items then it sounds like it will be sold as is to someone that wants to restore.

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