997TT Track Monster Pt. 3

Well things turn a big turn today.  Modifying cars is always a really slippery slope.  Once you start, it is hard to stop.  Well, not only were we headed down that slippery slope, today we fell off the cliff at the bottom.

New additions:

• EVOMS Upgraded VTG Turbochargers w/ Billet Compressor Wheels

EVOMSit ECU Chip Switch – Utilizes “On The Fly Switching” with 2 X EPROMS *

EVOMSit EVT750 ClubSport RACE ECU Calibration – 7000 RPM Rev Limit *

• EVOMSit EVT720 ClubSport PUMP ECU Calibration – 7000 RPM Rev Limit *

• EVOMS ClubSport 44.5mm Exhaust Headers

• EVOMS High Flow Silicone Turbocharger Air Inlet Ducts

• EVOMS Billet Turbocharger Boost Recirculation Valves

• EVOMS 82mm Throttle Body / Plenum conversion

• EVOMS /SRE Stage 3 Sport Street Clutch System

• EVOMS 70mm Sport Exhaust

• HJS 200 cpsi SM-Winding Motorsport Stainless Steel Catalysts

• Spark Plugs

• High output coilpacks

• Underdrive crank pulley

In retrospect, I am really glad we decided to pull everything apart for the upgrades, as we were going to run into a tough problem to diagnose really quick.

Rear bumper removed from the car.

Exhaust shield removed.  Tubi exhaust exposed.

Tubi Exhaust off, now tackling the cats.

This was the issue we were going to run into soon.  The cats were literally blowing themselves out of the exhaust.  The passenger side was much worse than the drivers, but both were on their way to becoming cat bypass pipes, lol.

Turbo exposed.

And turbo off the car.  Repeat on the other side.  We will have to send these turbos in for cores, so i’ll get them drained and packed up to ship on monday.

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