997TT Track Monster Pt.3 Continued (Update 3.8.10)

Along with the 928 work, today i finished pulling the driver’s side turbo and the ecu so we could get them sent in.  Nothing too exciting.  The brey krause mounts and alcantara/carbon fiber shift knob showed up as well 🙂  Also made a house call to replace a broken odometer and door contact switch in a 993TT.  For some reason it feels like I didn’t get much accomplished today……..but…..this afternoon was very nice, so working with the door open was worth being out in the garage most of the day.

Tonight after I got home from the office I did a little tinkering here and there.  Not much to do while waiting on parts, but i did manage to get the spark plugs pulled in preparation of new plugs, and mounted the submarine belt mounts.

911 Turbo997TTPorsche

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