997TT Track Monster Pt. 2 (Edited 3-1-10)

Ok, after playing for a few hours it was time to get back to work.  Decided to knock out the rear toe links, control arm bushings, and dog bones.

First thing to do was pull the lower control arms.

Out of the car.  The center rubber bushing is what we are replacing.

There is a trick to getting the bushings out as pushing on the rubber center just pops the center out, but I’ll leave that to your imagination 😉

New solid bushings installed.  And no, the hammer is not the proper tool for installing bushings, but does make a nice prop for pictures 🙂  You can see the old bushing laying on it’s side next to the control arm.

Next was to tackle the upper dog bones.

New dog bones installed.

And then the toe links.

Passenger side, everything installed.

And that is enough work for a Sunday.  I’ll knock out the front tie rod ends and control arm bushings this week, then will be stuck until we get the rollbar and moton’s delivered (also from GMG).


Tonight after work I decided to get some of the interior taken care of.  I pulled the passenger seat, both rear seats, and bose speaker box in preparation for the GMG Rollbar and the Motons.

While I was back there, I took the time to wire in a tach lead for the Traqmate.

You need to transfer over some parts from the old seats to the GT3 seats, so I disassembled what I needed, and will install on the new seats when they go in.

Plastic cover under the carpet that will need to be modified on both driver and passenger side.  They don’t show you that little part in their installation video on the website, but it does need to be done to fit.  This is a bit of a pain in the butt to get out, but if you take your time, you can get it out without damaging anything.  Then you can modify it, and install it back in the car.

Unfortunately we are now stuck at a standstill for about a week.  We are waiting on the motons and the rollbar before we can go forward.  GMG thinks they will have the Motons sometime next week, which probably means 2 weeks to us.  The rollbar is suppose to show up before that, and possibly the steering wheel, shifter etc may show up and I can install those, but our major projects are pretty much on hold.

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