997 Starter/Alternator Cable Replacement

Typical issue found with the 997.1’s is a slow cranking of the engine when trying to start, especially after the car has been driven awhile and is shut down and restarted while hot. The issue is resistance builds up in the harness and causes this power drop to the starter. The solution is a new cable. This project does require alternator, a/c compressor, and throttle body/center plenum removal to accomplish.

Alternator removed to get one end of the cable.

The cable has an attachment point on the side of the transmission, the starter, and the alternator. New cable ready to go in.

And the A/C compressor, throttle body, and PS reservoir out of the way. From here you can carefully pop the cable out of it’s holders, remove the bolts holding it to the transmission, and snake of the cable out of the engine. It is hard to see, but the cable snakes around underneath the oil separator behind where the A/C compressor would sit, and sneaks around the side of the heat exchanger where it exits out the back of the engine (tranny side)

Here it is out wiggled out from behind the oil separator, and ready to drop out the back of the engine.

And it’s connection on the side of the tranny. New cable goes in the opposite direction. Easy peasy.

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