996TT Service

Had a 996TT come in this week with a dislocated intake plenum, and an issue with the engine moving around under hard cornering at the track.  With the car running bigger turbos and more boost, the intake plenum boot just didn’t hold under the added pressure.  As you can see in the picture below, the right plenum boot has shifted, allowing the intake plenum to rise upward on the passenger side.

The intake plenum boot was cleaned up, reinstalled, and secured with a little more pressure from the hose clamps.

Next we had to address the engine movement.  The rear motor mounts looked to be in decent shape, but much more tracking, and we will need to upgrade to the Motorsports rear mounts which are solid rubber rather than hydraulic.  What was bad though, was the front transmission mount.  The rubber holding the transaxle to the mount had deteriorated on both sides.  Somewhat of a known issue with the track cars.  The new updated 997TT mount is more solid, and we may reinforce it with 3m window weld to cure this issue from happening again.

I’ll update once I have the part in hand.

With the transaxle moving around, it actually made contact with the coolant hard lines underneath it, causing a rub through the line.  The result was a pin hole leak in coolant, which had been covered up by the lower belly pan.


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