993 Fabspeed X-pipe and Walrod Bushings Installed

Knocked out a little project today on a buddy’s 993 today. On the chopping block was to install a Fabspeed X-pipe as well as front control arm bushings ala Chris Walrod.

Mmmm pretty. The Fabspeed system has sport cats you can swap out for straight pipes. Remove a couple of clamps, and make the changes in a matter of minutes.

The old cat section. If you look closely, you might see why we are changing this out. See it yet?

How about this: Driver’s side.

Annnnd the passenger side.

Now do you see it? Long story about this one and why it was installed on the car……..no time for that though.

Main pipe installed.

And for now the cat bypass pipes…..track event this weekend 🙂 After firing the car up, it definitely has a deeper throaty sound to it, but not overpowering like I thought it was going to be.

And then it was on to replacing the front control arm bushings. These were designed by Chris Walrod, and it is a great replacement option. He can be found on Rennlist, and I believe they can be acquired through Fister-D Motorsports as well! There are 3 bushings on each control arm, and included is a bottle of super sticky goo for installing and lubricating the bushings.

So now we have to drop the control arm out.

Some guys remove the outer ball joint, but you mess with your caster setting to do so, so I just popped out the ball joint from the spindle. Much easier and quicker if you have the right tool.

Long story short, but the new bushings installed. There is a lot of hammering with a chisel, torching, sawing of old bushings, cleaning with a sanding disc and scotbrite, etc to get the old ones out. Piece of advice. Throw away the hacksaw. Break out the sawzall, just go slow. Not only to you have to get the through the rubber bushing, but also the outer metal sleeve of the bushing. You will thank me later. Then you press the new bushings in. Some do this with a c-clamp, but I found you can just put your weight into it and push the bushings in by hand. Any additional persuasion can be done with a dead blow hammer just fine.

Ready to go! Nothing like getting it done 12 hours before a DE event. Let the testing commence.

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