993 Brake Refinishing Completed

After Tim was busted with brake parts in his oven, it was a few days before he was allowed out of the house, so the car patiently awaited it’s shiny new parts. The other day he swung by to knock out some work on our computer system and it gave me the opportunity to reinstall the parts with new pads.

Some newly painted hats and calipers.

Mmmm pretty. We are running EBC yellow brake pads which is a great HPDE track pad, but not too aggressive for the street (ie…little brake squeal), and easy on rotors.

Even from a distance it says “BAM!”

And the rears installed. A fresh flush of Super Gold brake fluid and we were out the door. We can’t thank Tim enough for all the work he did setting up our network at the shop. If you ever need any PC/Network things done (I really don’t know much about the whole networking thing, I’m sure Tim can handle a lot more in depth stuff than our little operation required), give Tim at LearnTech Inc a shout!

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