964 Finished

Got the parts in yesterday and was able to get the track car wrapped up and back on the road.

After getting the new thermostat in place, we finally got hot oil up to the coolers and the temp gauge was running where it should. I disconnected the front sensor to default the fan to high as most of this car’s operating time will be one track or sitting on grid. This will help with cooling down after coming in hot.
Got the brake system flushed and new super blue in it.

And mounted the camera system and GPS Antennae.

And the engine bay cleaned up a bit…..

And pulled out that swollen hose.

And the new hump hose in place. Once that was done, I rewired the fuel gauge to the fuel cell so we know how much gas we have in the car, and after a test drive, back to the owner it goes! This car is definitely set up right, what an absolute blast to drive.


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