964 Day at RennsportKC

Have a pile of 964s to work on this week.

he Yokohama car needs to be prepped for the upcoming season, so I started by tackling the battery first. With the battery shoved back in the corner of the trunk, and with all the extra wiring for the kill switch due to track safety regulations, getting a set of jumper cables on the terminals was always a pain. So I relocated the battery to center trunk with a battery box.

A pain to get to.

Relocated and secured with a remote battery box. I secured the box to the floor using bolts through the bottom rather than the cheesy strap clips and screws, making the box much more secure.

Then it was on to retorque the rocker shafts. At the end of the season we had a shaft back out and cause an oil leak, so I wanted to go through them all before sending it back out on track. Only the one that came loose was out of spec, so everything was retorqued and reassembled.

Then it was on to a fresh purchase for a buddy of mine. He brought this car in from California, and it needs a little work 🙂 The list is long, but I figured I knock out the easy stuff, then decide what else we might want to fix. First up was to check the odometer gear which isn’t functioning, so I yanked it out of the dash for disassembly.

Clean work area….lots of little screws to lose.

The glass face removed. I just realized the battle wounds show in the picture, lol. Kids….don’t play with sharp objects.

Starting dis-assembly. When I got inside, I found the gear to be just fine……..so now I have to track down the culprit. Very odd to see an odometer not working and the gears actually in tack.

The Silver Fox is in for an alternator replacement which I will tackle on Thursday. I’m not sure why, but we name all the cars very random names, I’d like to say it makes it easier to find the keys off the key rack, but likely more for our own entertainment. For instance, Wes owns a couple of Mazda Miatas (insert joke here), one is pretty nice and one is in pretty rough shape, so that key tag says “The Miata…..no not that one, the shitty one.”

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