964 C4 Race Project

After running the car at MAM last weekend, we started getting hot at the end of our last session on Saturday. We loaded up and headed home as planned, and today I picked the car back up to start going through it for our event at Road America in a few weeks.

Up and ready to go. First things first was to figure out why our cooling fans were not coming on for the oil cooler.

Then tackle getting some of the really old smelly carpet out of the car.

And since club rules allow us to remove the AC compressor, I pulled that and the lines out of the engine bay. I pulled off the compressor thinking maybe we could recoup some costs by selling it, only to find it had been gutted internally, lol. Talk about a light compressor. Old rules stated you had to have the AC compressor installed…..i guess they didn’t specify that you couldn’t gut the weight out of it, lol.

And the front oil cooler. After some poking and prodding, it appears the oil thermostat isn’t opening properly, keeping the oil from flowing to the front cooler. Since the front oil never gets hot, the fans never kick on. Since this will be a track only car, I will likely default the fans to high speed all the time to help with temps.

And a buldged oil hose that needs to be replaced asap. Right in the front of the rear passenger tire, would be bad if it let go.

And the oil cooler thermostat.

Removing the thermostat insert. New parts should be here tomorrow. Unfortunately, the front mounting nut appeared to be plastic welded to the body, so I couldn’t get the side skirt off completely. Oh well, just a little more mess to clean up.

And while I am in there, a fresh oil change and brake fluid flush as well are in order.

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