951 Finished

Finished up the 951 last week, but due to the Porsche Club Race, I was tied up since then and couldn’t give an update!

What a new auxillary thermostat should look like 🙂

Installed with a new thermostat housing

And the underside a little cleaner than before 🙂

Then it was on to installing the Vitesse K26/6 chip. After pulling the DME out of the car, carefully open the board to expose the chip.

The chip with the sticker is the stock chip. The 944T used two different DME chip setups, up to 88 used a 24 pin DME chip, while 88 and later used the 28pin chip.

I pulled the banjo bolt to inspect it, and not surprised, someone had made their own “boost cheater” to allow the car to build more boost. The problem is they were doing so on stock chips. Anytime you increase boost, you have to change your fueling, which stock chips do not allow for.

And back together! I installed the manual boost controller, 3 bar FPR, and went out and set the boost. It really woke the car up!

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Mike Brosseit

April 18, 2011 at 9:03 AM

I can attest to it being very fast! He gave me a ride yesterday

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