944’s Invade Rennsport

A few weeks ago we had a slew of 944’s come through the shop. There won’t be any for 6 months, then you let one in the door and they bread like rabbits! Of note, we had a 19k mile 1986 Turbo in for some age related items, along with a 17k mile 968. Two really nice examples! A 944T with a fuel leak at the pump, a 944 Auto with a bunch of oil leaks, a 944Turbo for a PPI and clutch, and a few other random examples.

Leaking fuel pump at the electrical connectors. Time to replace all the lines, filter, and pump while in there.

The fuel tank screen also gets removed and replaced whenever fuel is out of the car.

And the old primary filter and aged lines. All new going back in!

And this white 944 came in this week for some really bad oil leaks, fix the AC, etc. A pretty nice 70k mile example…with an Auto.

This car had a leaking oil cooler, but also a huge leak from the cam tower gasket, so both were pulled off and resealed.

Cam tower removed for resealing.

And all the bits and pieces of the cam tower. There are a handful of seals that should be replaced anytime this is removed.

And in other news, the Brumos 944/S2 conversion came home for good. We will be racing this car with the World Racing League along with car 54. Nothing beats endurance racing! First we need to move it from DE spec to full race spec, so we updated the door bars, are installing electrical cutoff switches, fire system, suspension work, etc before it’s debut in December.

Since the front nose was rock chipped, that was removed and repainted. The Brumos theme will be replaced by a RennsportKC theme 🙂

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