911SC Oil Leak

This little girl has been having occasional accidents in the garage at night. Sometimes it sleeps through the night just fine, and other times it pees on the floor (a lot). And since it is aircooled, there is really only one liquid to leak out, and that is oil. I had a sneaking suspicion I knew what it was, but I wanted to pull a valve cover to confirm. Confirm I did.

The area of the leak….no good.

With the car in there air, I see the problem. Do you?

How about now?

How about now? Yup, broken head stud on the #4 exhaust side. Unfortunately a fairly common occurrence with the 911SC. Looks like this winter may involve a partial motor build.

After that, I replaced the steering column bushing. The older 911’s steering wheel will start to wobble like it is loose. This is due to the inner race on the column bearing falling apart (plastic). The fix is simple though, a replacement metal bushing is slide into place to shim it up. Remove the steering wheel and insert the sleeve and wobble gone. Now….for some reason, even though I have installed 100 of these things, I didn’t pay attention when ordering from my supplier. They had 2 options, one was made by Hamburg Techniq….that one didn’t fit…..wasn’t even close….even with the hammer. So I had to reorder the other brand, which I pushed into place by hand. Big difference in brand there. After that, the turn signals stopped working. Traced it down to the relay. With my hammering the HT bushing into place, I must have knocked the solder joint loose in the relay. Pulled it out, resoldered the broken joint, and we were back in business.

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