911sc Alternator upgrade

Oct 02 2012 wes Editorial No Comments

At a track event this SC customer came to me with a screaming loud alternator and no charge.   I gave it a band-aid to get him through the weekend and this week she came to the shop for the correct fix.

The old external regulator alternators can be hard to get and pricey.  So that he can grab one anywhere he is if there is another problem at another track we are doing the upgrade to the newer style internal VR alternator.  You can grab parts for these, or whole alternators nearly everywhere.

Here is the old alternator and voltage regulator out.

And the new style alt:

With a housing mod to make room for the regulator and some very quick wiring changes she is ready to go:

There is a resistor on the parts list but the TSB states that if there is no light on the dash and it is charging then the resistor is not needed.  We have no light and it is making a happy 14.5 volts.






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