911 CV Boot

Oh no, not CV week again! Remember, everything happens in 3’s, lol.

The owner brought this gem by for a new CV boot that he found cracked when he had the car stored on his lift. I think people just bring me the messy jobs, lol.

Up on the lift and ready to go.

And the torn boot. When doing a boot, make sure you replace both boots on that axle at the same time. Take the time to repack the joints and get it up to snuff. If you skip the other boot, I promise you it won’t be far behind the one that already tore.

There are a couple ways to do this job. You can just drop the tranny side of the axle and slide the boots on from there. It is kind of a pain though, and I prefer to just pop the entire axle out. The 32mm nut is torqued to about 380ish foot lbs or so, so it takes a big wrench to get off….or a bosch electric impact.

With the axle out of the car, get some cardboard because you are going to make a mess.

After removing the outer snap ring, a few light taps with the hammer an the joint comes off. I don’t bother with trying to slide boots off. Just cut the things off with a razor blade.

The outer joint on the 911 Carrrera is not servicable, if it is shot you will have to replace the entire axle. Luckily this one was still in good shape. A good packing with fresh grease and the boot is ready to go on.

When putting the boots on, there are a couple things that will make it easier. 1: Heat the boot with a heat gun to soften it up and make it more pliable. 2: Buy a tube of Wurth Silicone Lubricating Compound. This is unlike a silicone spray, it is rather a silicone paste (similar to clear silicone sealant, only it isn’t a sealant, but a lubrication). A tube of this will likely last a weekend wrench a lifetime. I use it on o-rings, cv boots, seals, bushings, etc to make them slide easier without damaging the item. Yes it is $25.00 for a tube. First thing I always hear when recommending this to people is…..but it is 25 bucks! Uh yea, and it is worth it. Silicone spray is worthless in comparison. If you are saving money by wrenching yourself, do yourself a favor and spend a little money on the right tool for the job, lol. Anyway, off my soap box. The lubrication will allow the boot to slide up the axle and onto the joint easily. Grease gets everything messy, so I don’t use that as a lubricant.

And crimp the new hose clamps in place.

For the outer end, clean up the joint good, inspect the ball bearings and race, and reassemble with new grease.

And put her back together! Torque down the outer nut, and you are good to go.

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