87 951 Maintenance

Had a buddy bring by his 87 951 to see if we could track down some quirks. He picked the car up off ebay, and now we have to go through a few little things to get it up to par.

The car sports a turbonetics turbo, B&B headers, custom intercooler piping, manual boost controller, etc. Who knows what we actually have here, but it definitely needs some cleaning up. I took some time to reroute a bunch of vacuum lines in the engine bay that were strewn everywhere.

First issue….tough shifting. Been here, done that, lol. Pulled the shift boot up….uh….you can’t just cram in the foam padding after torque tube work and expect the car to shift easily, lol. Removed some foam, much better. We were going to install a short throw shifter, but someone has broken the bolt off connecting the shift rod to the shift linkage, so we are stuck there for now as we don’t want to get in over our heads drilling that bolt out.

Uhhh huh

Then there was a wierd issue of opening the passenger door and the driver’s door would lock, lol. Turned out to be a shorted wire due to a torn rubber boot between the door and the chassis. Probably one of those $10 items that will take 3 weeks to get from Germany.

What else, we have an airbag light to check out, a mysterious gong relay that won’t stop dinging when the car is off, oil change, and who knows what else 😉


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