7000 Mile 928

Nov 11 2015 porschedoc 928 No Comments

My standard disclaimer: There will be ZERO non funny 928 jokes found in this thread. Don’t want to offend anyone 🙂

Ran into this 928 out at the Lake Garnett Grand Prix. His crank pulley fell off during the day after he had the timing belt changed at Billy Joe Bob’s service, and I would imagine they didn’t get all the pulley’s seated correctly, or didn’t tighten the crank pulley to the proper torque (over 200 ft/lbs). Laid in the dirt for a couple hours fixing it with not much more than a pair of pliers and a rusty wrench, good enough to get him home. Luckily the bolt and all the pulleys were still there. Once we got back in the shop, he brought it by to get it torqued correctly. Still not sure exactly how he made it all the way home as I didn’t have the right tools with me that day. Pretty neat to see a 7000 mile early 928.

Crazy clean underneath, same goes with the engine.

Then this little guy came in with a dead alternator and a crabby hot start issue. Got that replaced fairly quickly, but also found a shredded crank sensor connector as well, so replaced that. Still didn’t do much to improve our hot restart, there are a bunch of things in these cars that can cause this issue, so will keep trying to hunt that down.

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