#59 Starts A New Chapter

It is time for #59’s purpose in life to change a bit. While a decent little HPDE car, this little 944 is destined for something better. It was built about 5-6 years ago and has been a reliable little tank, but time to turn this car into an GP1 class World Racing League car (www.racewrl.com). It will compete in long endurance racing from 12-24 hours.

First thing to do was to strip the Brumos theme and go clean. There is nothing better looking on a race car than a clean white slate.

Modifications were made to the fuel neck to take fuel at a very fast rate. We may fuel cell it this winter, but will find out how long we can go on a tank of fuel at the upcoming December race at TWS.

Since weight is the enemy, we gutted the hood and installed it via hood pins. This car tips the scales at about 2200lbs and has an S2 engine, so it is stupid fast.

Updated the quick release with a Rothsport system, and got the radio communications installed and working.

And the full car fire system installed.

Then we had to redesign the rear of the car. It had been cut open with ducting to allow air to flow through the car and out the bottom, but that just doesn’t work, unless you want to suck exhaust fumes all day. Everything else on the car was built pretty well, but that was a bit of a disaster. We also removed the thin aluminum floor that rattled at anything above 1000rpms and replaced with alumilite which is stiffer, just as light, and doesn’t rattle. Some solid motor mounts, completely resetting up the suspension, and other basic maintenance we ran her for a day at MAM with good results. We will need some aero before the race, but it did everything we wanted it to at this point.

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