3.6 Turbo Work

This weekend Old Man Kaspar and I dropped the motor out of his 94 3.6 Turbo to replace the operating sleeve for the 3/4th gear in the transmission that has taken a beating. While the engine is out, there is all the other minor things to tackle since the car will be down a little while. We also pulled the front and rear glass to repair some small rust from maintenance checklists that was starting to show up as is very common in these cars.

Poof engine is out.

While the engine was out, there was also a nagging front differential leak from the bearing race that we decided to get fixed as well, so we pulled the front diff out of the car as well.

What the trained eye sees is that this isn’t actually a 964 diff. It is a 993 diff. The car has always been a bit of a mystery, and someone has done a lot of conversion work….like really well done conversion work. The car started life as a 1994 C4 964. In 94, all C4’s were widebodies like the turbo cars. Someone at some point, removed the 3.6L and replaced with a 3.6L turbo motor, a 993 transmission, 993 torque tube, and 993 front diff. The car also sports all 993 glass (windshield, rear window, rear quarter windows). The conversion was done impeccably and looks absolutely factory in regards to the engine swap, etc.

Diff disassembled.

And here you can see the crack in the outer seal race. Unfortunately, it has spread to the bearing race on that side as well, so we need to weld a little further than expected and remachine.

Rear glass getting ready to come out.

And the typical front corrosion starting. We’ll nip that in the bud before it gets any worse.

While the transmission is apart, the car will go to paint and get the little areas touched up. In the meantime we will try and find a solution for our front diff problem.

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