2002 Porsche Boxster Maintenance Continued

This week got away from me with various stuff around the shop and getting ready for a race in Texas, but got the boxster cam pads put all back together and up and running. Now I will run it for awhile, flush the oil system a few times, drop the sump plate again and make sure there is no debris it before moving forward with an IMS replacement.

Here you can see the old pads next to a new set of pads and how the surface should look. As the pads wear down, this is what will cause your camshaft deviations.

And new pads installed back on the tensioners. A good idea to disassemble the tensioners and clean out any sludge, etc.

And new cam followers in place. Make sure to check the bores closely and old followers for any signs of wear. These were replaced as a while in there measure.

I noticed some wear on the 2/3rd chain tensioner paddles as well, so I replaced those while in there.

Here were the camshaft deviation readings before removing the engine for work.

And the camshaft deviations after doing the work. As you can see, these readings can really give you a good idea of what is going on in the timing system with these pads wearing. Pretty good i’d say.

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