2.5L Refresh

A little project I have been working on in my spare time. We tore down a spare 2.5L engine we had and are refreshing it for a backup motor for the SPEC Boxster. This was a motor we ran for a season before pulling out of the car. Everything looked great in the engine, so we didn’t have to do any major surgery or component replacement such as an intermediate shaft.

Crankshaft carrier receiving new bearings.

And assembled with bank 2 rods.

Intermediate shaft and crankshaft coupled and ready to drop in the bank 1 engine case half.

Installing bank 1 pistons and rods.

Bank 2 case half together, installing wrist pin clips for the bank 2 pistons.

Typical five chain motor setup. Cams being installed and ready for a cam cover.

And finally timing the camshafts.

And poof, just like the instructions in a Bentley manual…..Step 1. Prepare engine for rebuild. Step 2. Complete rebuild.

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