1975 911 GTS3 Race Care Transmission Failure

Last weekend we were up at Motorsport Park Hastings for the Porsche Club Race. We ran a couple of cars both in the club race and the DE portion. We had a fantastic time, if you get the chance to run up at Hastings, I highly recommend it. The people are fantastic, the track experience is awesome, and you might even get to race a 911 while riding on the Bacardi Bus (hypothetically though, because I am sure insurance regulations would not allow anything like that). Saturday we had a noise appear in this 911 in 3rd gear. Not a good noise either 🙁 So we parked it for the rest of the weekend and towed it back to the shop in Kansas City. Today I got it up on the lift and started tearing into it.

This little guy has a secret…….A little more modern horsepower 😀

I was pretty sure what I was going to find, but a clean drain pan and a white towel to catch the metal from the transmission fluid. The paper towel will allow the metal to settle in the towel and the fluid to flow through. What I didn’t remember though, is that the girls got us Bounty….”The Quilted Quicker Picker Upper” Thus the fluid didn’t really flow through the towel like I wanted.

But that didn’t matter, because I found our issue attached to the drain plug.

I’d guess we have a piece of a 3rd gear tooth right here. The good thing is that there really wasn’t a lot of metal in the fluid that I could see, so hopefully we don’t have too much collateral damage inside the transaxle.

But that means out she comes.

I will get the transmission removed and a plan of attack laid out ASAP.

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