1965 Mustang wheel bearings

So now that all of the other issues have been sorted it is time for the little details.  We had decided to go all through the front end just because mid 60s handling isn’t ideal at best, and 45 years later it would be even more sloppy.  So bushings, shocks and bearings all around with a steering gear adjustment for good measure.

The first thing noted was that the bearings were not loaded correctly when serviced at some point.  This caused horrible wear.  In this pic you can see how badly cocked the bearing lies in the race:

There was enough wear to take the stampings off of the back bearing.

So old races pressed out of both inner and outer, new ones installed, inner bearing and new dust seal:

New outer bearing with correct load this time:

Do the other side and we are ready to roll on to shocks and bushings.


1965 Mustang wheel bearings

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