1946 Ford

We brought this old girl back from Omaha for a customer. Actually, it got dropped off on us at the track, not running, and took about 8 of us to push this heavy pig into the trailer! This is a really cool car. 1 Family owned car since new! The father bought it new in 46, and now the son owns it. It has been sitting for quite some time, so I turned Wes loose on it to work his magic. This stuff is right up his alley.

Such a straight original car it isn’t funny.

The car wasn’t running, but the carb was very plugged up, so Wes tore that down and got it all cleaned up and resealed. Spark plugs, all fluids, flush gas tank, etc, pretty straight forward stuff when a car has been sitting. She fired right up and purrs like a kitten!

Interior is in amazing shape. Upholstery is almost too nice!

Pretty cool to see old cars in this kind of condition.

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