The Mustang caused this poor car to get shoved on the back burner for awhile, but we had time to finish it up the other day after I rolled the fenders. Once that was done and all the clearances were perfect, we sent it over the the state of the art alignment facility. We aren’t sure when the last time this car was aligned, but it has been awhile since all 4 corners were badly out of spec.

These bad boys came in today for the 76S project we have going. I should have time to start the install tomorrow 🙂

Few things piled up this morning 😉 While coolant was draining, I hopped over to the 996TT that was throwing misfire codes at the track last weekend. I haven’t seen this car in awhile, I installed the 650hp IIRC kit on it at Imagine Auto. My paint marks were still on the coil packs 😉 Since all the lifts were tied up, out come the jack stands. Rear bumper off to access the intercoolers. And intercoolers out of the way …

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