Time to get rolling on this little project of ours. The patient: 997C4S Tiptronic. The Kit: VF Engineering Supercharger kit. I’ve got a lot of these installs running around on 996/997’s, they are excellent, well thought out kits. New hp levels should run about 475. The newly redesigned kit incorporates a self contained oiling system on the supercharger. No more pulling hot oil from the engine to lubricate the charger. Got it in and we noticed an issue right away……our …

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996 45k Service

Knocked out a 45k service on a 996 a few days ago. It is a pretty basic service in between the major services. It includes changing filters, oil change, and a full inspection. Read the dme down to make sure there are not any pending codes, etc. The next major will be at 60k which will be more involved with spark plugs being changed out. EvoMS intake. The filter needs to be removed and cleaned out. Easiest to take the …

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911 SC

Just finished up a little of this and a little of that on a 911 patient. We replaced the oil sump plate gaskets and installed a new turn signal/dimmer switch which was malfunctioning and flashing the brights when using the turn signals. Common issue. The patient. We have a few transaxle leaks from the nose seal and such, but decided to skip this for now since it hasn’t been leaving much on the ground. But we did want to tackle …

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993 CV Boot

Yes, remember they happen in 3. We found a couple of torn boots on Jim’s S2 a few days ago, then we found a torn boot on his 993 when we did his DE inspection. Wonder who the 3rd will be? The patient. And the parts. After removing the heater tube and axle bolts, we jack up the passenger side to allow the angle to drop out the axle. Once out of the car, Jim gets started disassembling the axle. …

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997 Seat Continued

Finished up the 997 seat frame/motor swap tonight and should have it installed tomorrow. Lots of screws and wires 🙂 Seat back installed and side covers with switches back on. Then lots of wiring running under the seat and installing the various pumps/modules. Almost done. Last thing to do is to install a lower bracket under the seat that holds the front control module. The problem is, the screws insert into the front of the rail, and the seat is …

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Issues Update

I think we have figured out a solution to our picture issue. Should know by mid week if it pans out. Then I can get the rest of the pictures working again on the older posts.

Ever torn a nice 997 seat apart? Yea, I couldn’t find anyone that had yet, lol. Porsche is doing a lot of repair and warranty repairs on the 997 seat motors which are breaking. The forward/aft drive motor cable breaks and does not drive both sides (well, in fact it only drives one side and not the other, which twists the seat as it goes front to back). Essentially you have a center motor with square cables on each end …

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911 Finished

Finished up the 911 this weekend after getting the new fuel line and associated parts we needed for the car in. Mmmmm shiny! Pulling the intake manifold up to get the line routed underneath it: And setting back in place. And after a lot of lines, wires, and components, the motor is back together and running. Then it was on to the easier stuff. Starting with a blown headlight bulb. Blown is right. Then we had a problem with the …

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Temporary Solution

Rigging up a temporary solution for the blog…..at least until we run out of bandwidth. I have my best people working on it….unfortunately, my “people” is out fishing on a boat somewhere in Eastern Washington…….stay tuned.

Hostway has done something to screw up the picture links, so I will probably be down a couple days while I figure this out…..bear with me.